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  • AresAres Posts: 21Member
    Timotheous wrote: »
    M21 -- When I tried to use your numbers (Ares) the system told me that there wasn't enough cargo space to fly the mission. I am modifying it this way... 2 Proms, 163 Pos, 2 Ares, 3 Apollo, 11 Hercs and 2 Atlas.

    Yeah Timotheous, sometime I send less cargoes to avoid more losses and make the mission more profitable as possible.

    But you all guy take that chart as reference and do your own BC, Like Timotheous did; smart people do that.
  • TimotheousTimotheous Posts: 5Member
    Sorry Ares. The reason why I posted what I did was because the game would not let me send the mission with your configuration (the launch button was grayed out.) Maybe they changed the required ships to be able to launch.
  • AresAres Posts: 21Member
    No problem Timotheous, I think the issue with you was, that you should slow down the attack to allow it you to launch it
  • TimotheousTimotheous Posts: 5Member
    Didn't think that that would be an issue. Hmmmm....
  • AresAres Posts: 21Member
    Yes Sir, when you slow down the attack you'll have more cargo capacity for fuel, then the launch button will be ok.:-)
  • TimotheousTimotheous Posts: 5Member
    So for M22 I had to slow my fleet down to 50% to get the launch button to light up?? If my drives would have been slower would it have done the same thing?
  • Ares wrote: »
    This is was what I sent to do my missions, and never lost a battle; sorry don't have 1 to 5:

    M 6= 6xApollos, 5xArties and 4x Atlas
    M 7 = 2x Posis 6xApollos 4x Arties and 2x Hers
    M 8= 4x Posis, 4x Apollos 1x Arty and 2x Hers
    M 9= 5xPosis 2x Hers and 2x Arties
    M 10= 9xPosis 5x Hers and 2x Atlas
    M 11= 15x Posis 5x Hers lost 2x Hers
    M 13= 27x Posis 6x Hers
    M 14= 29x Posis 1x Hers maybe
    M 15= 32x Posis 1x Athena 3x Hers
    M 16= 45x Posis 1x Her
    M 17= 61x Posis, Hers x4
    M 19= 14x Ares 68x Arties 18x Hers
    M 20= 29 x ares, 1x Promes, 1x Hades, x1 arty, 11x Hers and 3x Hermes

  • what about M12?
  • KrugerandKrugerand Posts: 127Member
    m12 is self evident
  • DraakirDraakir Posts: 9Member
    M22, I can't find a fleet in BM that works. Ares method here (no transports) means losing all the reward and a hell of a lot of posi. I have tried with loads of Hades and combos but everything sucks bigtime. Anyone tell me what the point is? I don't want to lose 1/5 of my posi on a rift mission with no return. Is that me just stuck at 22 for ever or until I have so many ships I don't mind losing hundreds of them for absolutely nothing?
  • Bobslog69Bobslog69 Posts: 21Member
    I did the same thing with M22...Finally got tired of running different ships at it and losing and sent the Posis. Glad to be done with that one and moved on.
  • Has anyone actually researched the enemies fleet to see what they are vulnerable to and try sending ships that way?
  • Bobslog69Bobslog69 Posts: 21Member
    M 22=Posis x270 and Apollos x8; Lost 6x Posis and 2x Apollos.

    This is the only way I was able to get this mission to work and I not only ran BM but just sent in fleets of Ares and did not win.
    This particular mission was annoying but must be ran to finish the missions....
  • TimotheousTimotheous Posts: 5Member
    Has anyone ran M 26 yet??
  • Bobslog69Bobslog69 Posts: 21Member
    M23 through M30
    Plan on running as many Hades as the mission will take. This is the best and fastest way to finish these things off.
    Remember M29 is a group mission so you might need a few friends :)

  • AresAres Posts: 21Member
    This is was what I sent to do my missions, and never lost a battle; sorry don't have 1 to 5:

    M 6= Apollos x6, Arties x5 and Atlas x4
    M 7 = Posis x2, Apollos x6, Arties x4 and Hers x2
    M 8= Posis x4, Apollos x4 Arty x1 and Hercs x2
    M 9= Posis x5, Hers x2 and Arties x2
    M 10= Posis x9, Hers x5 and Atlas x2
    M 11= Posis x15 and Hers x5 lost 2x Hercs
    M 13= Posis x27 and Hers x6
    M 14= Posis x29 and Hers x1
    M 15= Posis x32, Athena x1 and Hercs x3
    M 16= Posis x45 and Her x1
    M 17= Posis x61, Hers x4
    M 19= Ares x14, Arties x68 and Hercs x18
    M 20= Ares x29, Promes x1, Hades x1, Arty x1, Hercs x11 and Hermes x3
    M 21= Promes x2, Ares x2, Posis x166, Apollos x3 and Hercs x5. Lost 1Apollo 1 Posis
    M 22=Posis x270 and Apollos x8; Lost 6x Posis and 2x Apollos.
    M 23=131x Athenas, 33x Hercs and 1x Arty; Lost Arty x1 Hercs x 18
    M 24=Hades x54, Athenas x70, Apollos x38 and Hercs x28; lost Athena x1, Apollos x 18 & Hercs x11
    M 25=Promes x6, Athenas x395, Arties x2 and Hercs x47; lost Hercs x10 and Arty x1
    M 26=Athenas x480 and Hers x105 lost Athenas x 7 and Hers x25
    M 27=Promes x216 Hers x 220; Lost Hercs x 128
    M 28=Promes x210, Ares x70 Hers x11; Lost Hercs x9
    M 29=Promes x75, Hades x160, Athenas x26, Hercs x105. Lost 13 Hercs. For at least 2 players
    M 30= 50x Promes, 300x Hades, 594x Athenas, 435x Hercs. Lost 7x Athenas,1x Hades, 249x Hercs. Full Res collected.
    M 31= I sent 553x Promes and 20 Hercs, Lost 9x Promes.
    Send Hades or Promes just make sure kill that Zeus in the first round.
  • ChochaEaterChochaEater Posts: 1Member
    edited March 2015
    Mission 7 is 130 rsp, you can't even send 2 posis & 6 apollos
  • Jadzia_DaxJadzia_Dax Posts: 1Member
    I just ran Mission 7. Won with 8 apollo, 4 arties, 3 atlas, and 1 herc. 127 rsp, so its not perfect, but it worked!
  • Elmer_FuddElmer_Fudd Posts: 1Member
    Some have had to attack several times to kill a mission, when you run into that increase your AWS.. The higher it is the more power you have..
  • VlladamirVlladamir Posts: 14Member
    It appears that Ares list of missions is off by 1, he must have counted a daily as a mission or something.
    If you use his guide just remember that his list is off by one and you should be fine.
    I have completed rift missions 1 - 7 now and this seems to be the case.
    Hope that helps the rest of you guys out.
  • HeruRaHaHeruRaHa Posts: 2Member
    Elmer_Fudd wrote: »
    Some have had to attack several times to kill a mission, when you run into that increase your AWS.. The higher it is the more power you have..

    what aws would you suggest at missions+ i've been fine w/ 666 now going to 10 10 10


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