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November 24, 2014 Updates!

MattHMattH Posts: 310Blue Frog Gaming
On November 24, 2014 we'll be updating Shadow Rift with bug fixes and new features. Those features will include moons, which are formed from the debris around a planet after a battle.

Moons can only be formed from the debris of large battles. For every 150,000 debris produced in a battle, there is a 1% chance that a moon will coalesce. The maximum chance of moon formation is 20% (3,000,000 debris). The calculation is performed on a per-battle basis; any debris in orbit at the time of a battle is not included in determining if a moon is formed. Because the moon is the result of battle, the defending planet is the owner of any moon that is formed. Moon creation is immediate after the battle, and does not consume the debris field; therefore, collecting the debris field will not interfere with the process. Moons generate with exactly 1 (one) building field, which must be used for a Lunar Base Level 1.

The following are the ONLY building types available on a Moon.
Lunar Base is required in order to build other structures on a moon. Each level provides three additional building fields on the moon, but occupies one, leaving a surplus of two available building fields.
Prophet is a long range telescope that is capable observing detailed information about a player's planet without the need to espionage it. The range of the Prophet is determined by the level of the building.
Warp Gates allows for the owner to instantly transfer ships between warp gates on separate moons.
Shipyard works like a shipyard on a planet. Building one allows you to build ships and defenses.
Capital works like a capital on a planet.
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