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So Done with this game

Ive been quietly been playing this game for about a month. Never attacked anyone. I am new to this stuff, but I am officially done. Some jackoff with dsp 360 times mine just wiped out my entire fleet. Why do you people have to be such dicks? Pick on the guys that have no chance of defending themselves. Screw you. Cant get any satisfaction in your real life so you do this kind of crap. Stay in your moms basement and rot. This was supposed to be some quiet and fun entertainment. I remember why I quit playing online years ago.


  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    Sorry to hear that you did not learn how to play the game before you quit. If you had asked around we would have told you how to FRS so you did not lose your things while you were growing. This game is very quiet and fun but you must learn how to play before you rage quit...that is what I tell my 12 year old anyway.
  • commander_35025commander_35025 Posts: 2Member
    I think it is beyond ridiculous for these players to do that kind of crap. same jackass hit me again. How is it fun to have to start all over. I know next to nothing except how to build and do the missions. Thats all i wanted to do. Why would I spend months re doing every thing I spent time building. I re started again yesterday, but as i said, the same dick attacked me again and I am left with nothing. I dont know what frs is and I dont have time to read all the forums that explain things assuming i already know what all the acronyms mean. I appreciate the effort people put into it, but it doesnt help people like me that dont know what it is.
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    Most of us are more then happy to help you out. FRS means Fleet Resource Save. It is where you send your ships and resources out into space when you are not online to keep an eye on them. FRS is the only way to play this game, if you are unable or unwilling to FRS then this game is not for you. You can send your ships on a Deploy or Harvest run if you have the Dio ship built. A deploy is a one way time run, and the Harvest is a two way time run, this gives you twice as long to send those ships out into space which keeps them safe. Just know, if you leave your resources and ships at a planet they will be attacked and taken...this game is PVP first, sorry.
  • commander_16410commander_16410 Posts: 2Member
  • commander_191115commander_191115 Posts: 1Member
    I have also been guilty of being upset because my fleet got destroyed while afk. I asked and was informed the frs . i am a beginner so i ask questions. im learning and want to relay the request for new players to ask questions. i know ill have many more .. thanks for the help
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