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Hung queues

BelairdBelaird Posts: 1Member
I opened a ticket on this, but the problem persists. I have one planet that has had various tasks that are hung in a Complete status for days. It affecting research, ship building and a ship rift task. It pretty much makes progress halt for that one planet and any research


  • Belaird has cleaned cache and used different computers as well. I am unsure if Belaird has tried different networks (work, mobile, home, outside wifi...)
  • Admiral_SmileyAdmiral_Smiley Posts: 21Member
    I ended up abandoning a planet with shipyard queue stuck for close to year. New planet is working fine.
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    Since BFG is not helping Gspot and I had some ideas to try out.
    Deploy something small to the stuck planet.
    have someone probe you
    have someone attack you
    have someone missle you
    upgrade buildings that effect your queues

    anything outside the box to help get that planet to start moving again....
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    baasboer also suggested turning off any nuclear power plants as they can cause conflicts if you are using more then you produce.
  • baasboerbaasboer Posts: 32Member
    The lack of support in general and specifically the hung issues are deliberately not attended to by BFG because they want us to move to other games. However if this is their attitude towards the players that support them and spend thousands of hours on their games, they are not getting my support anymore! There is a whole market of games out there.
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