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End of Game Support

Hello when we attempt to submit game support tickets we are getting a reply saying support on shadowrift has ended. Is this legit? Is this serious? Some of us have spent money and large amounts of time playing the best BFG game (shadowrift) and do not want to see it come to an end. We have accounts that cannot login and would love to see this fixed.


  • MattHMattH Posts: 310Blue Frog Gaming
    While the game remains available to play 'as-is' we are no longer providing updates or support for Shadow Rift. I will provide more information and updates as they become available.
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    Thanks Matt but you cannot play if you cannot get past the play now button as it always goes to the error: We're sorry, but something went wrong.

    We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.

    This is impacting multiple accounts and is very annoying. We love this game and wish to keep playing it without updates and support but we will need to be able to login and click the play now button for this to happen.
  • commander_818856commander_818856 Posts: 1Member
    Hey, did you find any solution to your problem of not being able to get past the "Sorry there has been an error......" screen?
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    We did not find any way past that problem, the members of our alliance have lost those accounts.
  • commander_984450commander_984450 Posts: 1Member
    Mine came back to life, yeepeee!!! I can now log in again. There is hope, keep trying.
  • commander_593171commander_593171 Posts: 2Member
    edited March 2016
    I have been unable to login for a couple days now. Disappointed after having spent so much money. :'( I hope I can login again soon!!!
  • commander_593171commander_593171 Posts: 2Member
    Hey, I am back in the game. Able to log in after a few days. Guess the solution to this one is just to wait it out.
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    Finally back as well!!! if you know of someone with that error try probing their planets, pretty sure that is what unlocked me :)
  • MendicantMendicant Posts: 3Member
    I can't log on. Can someone probe me?... that sounds so wrong.
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    if none of your buddies get you unlocked post one coords on here and I will tickle your planet...good luck!
  • MendicantMendicant Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for the probe. it worked. got to send fleets out. can't log on again. Might need a daily probing.
  • commander_342744commander_342744 Posts: 2Member
    can someone probe me [7:300:4] If this works I'll check back here to see if anyone else needs it. People may have to post daily...
  • commander_342744commander_342744 Posts: 2Member
    Anyone who's paid money should ask for a refund! That seems only right if you can't even log in. I spent half my credits right before the crash so I guess they're gone for good, oh well...
  • commander_553655commander_553655 Posts: 30Member
    I have sent out the tickles to one of your planets, hopefully that helps. :)
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