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Forum Guidelines

AdminAdmin Posts: 2Blue Frog Gaming
Welcome to the official Shadow Rift Forum!

Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment where users can enjoy interacting with one another. So that all of the users visiting the forum can have the best experience possible, we ask that you read and follow the guidelines set out below. Violating any of these guidelines may result in the suspension of your forum account, or game account for serious violations. As such, please carefully read these guidelines:

Your Account
You are responsible for all activities conducted using your account on our forums and in our games. At no time will an employee of Blue Frog Gaming ever ask for your account password. Additionally, users are never allowed to ask someone for their account password. You should never give out your password.

Additionally, you are only permitted to have one account. Using more than one account on our Forum or in our Game may result in the suspension and/or deletion of some or all of your accounts.

You may not impersonate any Blue Frog Gaming employee, including without limitation all company employees, corporate partners, and support staff.

Avatar, Signatures and Signature Images
Avatars and signatures images must adhere to the other guideliens on this page and must not contain offensive material. The text and/or images of the signature should not be presented in way they detracts from the readability forums. Signature images should not exceed 500px x 80px in size.

The moderation staff have the last word on what is and is not appropriate. Repeated violations of our profile guidelines will result in privileges being revoked.

Respect Each Other.
This one should go without saying. Even if you don't agree with someone, do them the courtesy of addressing that disagreement in a civil manner, or don't address it at all. If you think someone has violated any of the forum guidelines, please do not attempt to deal with the matter yourself. Inform a moderator, and let us handle it.

This also extends to general rules of politeness: if you do something, and someone is offended by it and they ask you to stop in a polite and respectful manner, the polite and respectful thing to do is to stop doing it. If you attempt to start an argument in a thread that wasn't asking for an argument, and the people in that thread ask you to stop, then stop. This should go without saying, because it's part of common decency, but this is the Internet, and the Internet occasionally brings out the Stupid in people. It doesn't mean people are stupid, but it does mean that sometimes we all need a reminder.

Stay on-topic (where appropriate)
All of the boards, with the exception of those found in the 'Off Topic' section are considered on-topic boards. This means all of your posts should be in some way relevant to the overarching topic of the thread. This means no “how's it going guys?” etc. Each topic should be contained within a single thread and it's expected that before making a thread you'll check to see if there is already a thread on that subject on the boards. Threads should also be appropriate to the forum they are posted in.

Flaming is Not Allowed.
Flaming is what happens when you post before you have time to rein in your emotions and/or dial back the hate-o-meter. Flaming is against the very first guidelines of this and every other forum, so don't do it. Flaming any member of the community, including members of the development team, will not be tolerated. If you feel that someone is directly attacking you on a personal level, or if you feel that someone is being intentionally offensive to someone else, please flag the post or notify a moderator, and we'll take care of it.

Trolling is Not Allowed.
Trolling takes many forms, but the most offensive kind is the one whereby a user enters a discussion or thread or debate with the explicit purpose of making other people angry--either by expressing outlandish, controversial views that are bound to receive a negative response, or simply by posting the same thing over and over and ignoring feedback. Trolling is not something that will be tolerated. Being belligerent and antagonistic, or provoking other members intentionally, will be considered in the same light as trolling. Again, if you think you are being trolled, or if you see someone trolling someone else, please flag the post or notify a moderator.

This Site is Rated PG-13.
Excessive cursing and profanity, the posting of nude photos, and unapologetic bigotry are three things that are not welcome in this corner of the internet. If you have an urge to spew angry slurs of an offensive nature, there are plenty of other dark corners of the internet with blinking signs that say "Spew Here". In other words, leave your potty mouth at the door.

Generally, have fun.
Remember, not everyone is always going to agree on everything all the time, but everyone should be able to express their views in a civil manner.

If you're frustrated by something, let the community know in a way that tells them that you're willing to accept help. If you just need to vent, that's okay too (although it sometimes helps if you lead with that). And if you see somebody who's frustrated, try to help them, instead of assuming that they're just "being a jerk" or "trying to troll you".

Follow these guidelines, and you'll quickly find yourself having a pleasant time here.
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