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So we meet again!

MattHMattH Posts: 310Blue Frog Gaming
Hello everyone!

Many of you know me as the Community Manager of Blue Frog Gaming and we've surely run into each other in one of the numerous other projects I've worked on (Starfleet Commander, Stardrift Empires, and Darkfire Galaxies). For those of you that don't know me, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Wore duct tape to my prom. I am a licensed attorney. Sometimes I sell cell phones on the weekends. But what I really love is video games (primarily RPG and RTS games). And in particular, I love getting to know all the people who play our video games.

So introduce yourself. Get to know others. And have fun!


  • WEG3WEG3 Posts: 25Member
    A little bit about myself.... mmmmmm

    Where to start (LOL) ....

    I'm a UK expat, living in France (wishing i was as bi-lingual as my 2 kids are !!!)
    Have been playing NOVA & Conquest since their creation :smile: and as my wife would stand up and say "i'm addicted" LOL
  • unownrealityunownreality Posts: 4Member
    Unownreality, or Aaron to my peeps,

    played SFCO, Uni2, NOVA, SDE, and Conquest. Live in Rhode Island, USA. Going to URI for a double major in education and physics.
  • SenseiAwesomeSenseiAwesome Posts: 1Member
    Minister, fighter, Sensei, coach, husband, father... love blowing stuff up. Dabbled in Nova and some of the others, but mostly known in Stardrift Empires.
  • MoheeganMoheegan Posts: 15Member
    swedish catlover,at the moment in original and Conquest.
  • epimedesepimedes Posts: 12Member
    Played SFCO, Uni2 Nova, SDE and Hired Guns, still playing Uni3. Semi-retired art instructor. I come from Manchester UK. Hi y'all!
  • Warwolf595Warwolf595 Posts: 4Member
    Hey guys, I play SFC Uni3 and Guns, SDE Nova, and Darkfire Galaxies. I always lead my alliance, Falcon Force, in all the uni's I come to. I hail from the magical state of Iowa, in the US (Land of the corn) I have been playing BFG games since about 12-12-12, and hope to have a ton of fun in this new game
  • mad_maxmad_max Posts: 1Member
    This feels like a SFC Anonymous thread :-)

    I am Mad Max. I started in SFC Original then moved to X2. i spent 2 weeks in Conquest when i opened and then took a break from all SFC games until this last Feb. I am currently in Conquest and Uni3.

    my Playing philosophy is "what happens in a Uni stays in a UNI". I don't like carrying over drama from one Uni into another... there is already enough in each. I also update / create userscripts.
  • Skip1Skip1 Posts: 5Member
    Howdy Everybody............i'm in uni3 and darkfire.... can't wait to check out this game.
  • GrumbleWeedGrumbleWeed Posts: 1Member
    Greetings, currently active in Uni1 & 2, v mode in Stardrift and given up the rest :)
  • sottiesottie Posts: 33Member
    Hello all, yes it's the same me from all the BFG games LOL
  • KikiKiki Posts: 3Member
    Hi Guys and Gals...
    I'm Kiki, as you can see. I've played in most of the BFG released universes, at least a bit, some more aggressively than others, sometimes under a different name, but usually just as myself.
    It's good to see some familiar people logging in here already. Friends. :)

    This does indeed look a bit like an SFC Anonymous meeting. Lol
    There is a group on Facebook...the StarfleetCommander Addicts group, if anyone is interested search it out and knock on the door, we'll let you in.
  • n33712n33712 Posts: 3Member
    Hi all

    Over many years now played Starfleet Commander Uni1, Uni2 and Tournaments (although only in Uni1 nowadays)
    I am from the UK.
  • BrakemenBrakemen Posts: 1Member
    Brakemen Here as usual. Guess I will give it a shot and see how the new game plays.
  • DeadeyeDeadeye Posts: 12Member
    I am Deadeye. I have Played in every Uni/Nova SFC has put out but still active in Conquest. uni3 . X2. Nova and SFCO. I am from Ontario Canada
  • MachineMachine Posts: 6Member
    Hey all, I also am from Iowa (sup Wolfy) I am in SDEN, Conquest, Hired Guns, Uni3, and dabble a lil bit in others, I am either The Machine or Machine, cept for Conquest I'm The Caliph. I hope I like this one, I hope they have a mobile version otherwise probably not. I'll be passing y'all in this one if Im in :P
  • LDHLDH Posts: 3Member
    edited June 2014
    I've been around the block a few times. Don't know who the heck any of you are. Maybe I've forgotten names, perhaps you have new ones, or maybe you're just insignificant >:) ......................... HI KIKI!!! B)
  • JHSoundmanJHSoundman Posts: 2Member
    Hello, my name is Jason (aka. JHSoundman in all uni's) and I'm a Starfleet Commander Addict...

    Been with the SFC family since SFCO was the ONLY universe.

    Looks interesting, I usually play every OTHER Uni, so this would fit since I didn't play uni3

    Still active in HG and still have a fleet in original, but not really playing there.

    West coast USA (San Francisco), but don't hold that against me, I was born and raised a Texan.

    Married with six kids (yes they are all mine, and yes, from the same woman, and no, I'm not Mormon)

    Can't seems to stay away from these games, think I need to look up the FB group....
  • zmaniizmanii Posts: 2Member
    Good day all -- My name is Joe (aka, ZMANII) -- and I'm an addict
    LOL, wasn't a big fan of conquest or hired guns, so hoping it is truly like original with a twist -

    See you all in space ;)
  • TwistedTiaraTwistedTiara Posts: 164Member
    TwistedTiara here.. currently playing in SFC Nova and Uni 3 (different player name in both) tried hired Guns but didn't enjoy the territory snafu's. Didn't partake in the other uni's..
  • Optimal_Primate3Optimal_Primate3 Posts: 2Member
    Hi everyone. Not much to say, live in southern part of US. Have played lots of different version of SFC. Lead a very boring life.
  • PDMPDM Posts: 2Member
    Hi I a better known as Pressagio della Morte in the uni's I play
  • TGWTGW Posts: 1Member
    edited June 2014
    I've seen it all...
  • AdrestiaAdrestia Posts: 6Member
    Hi everyone, Adrestia here, Known as May in X1 and X2. Currently in Uni3 and going to give this a try.
  • DarthSparkusDarthSparkus Posts: 32Member
    I am Desdenova...I am an addict...Although I am addicted under a different name in the other unis, so it doesn't count here right?...Darth Sparkus in SFCX-1 and SFCX-2, SFCUni-3 and SDEO ...Couldn't use my real fake name for some reason.
  • clmcsherryclmcsherry Posts: 7Member
    Chris McSherry, Live in Kansas and play original when not at work at Amazon or school. Leader and founder of Starfleet Commander:ALPHA in orginal and Starfleet alliance here.
  • MonkMonk Posts: 6Member
    Monk here. Business owner, father of 4 grown and 3 small children, on most of the day between other things that need to be done in real life. Past member of OBK in many unis and of ANH in the tourney and uni3.
  • thanos999thanos999 Posts: 3Member
    hello i only just found this site and just joined up after quiting uni 3 after rebuilding my fleet from scratch for the 10 time
    im unemployed so i do gamming most days cause there nothinfg eles to keep me occupied
    i live in wales uk played every uni but im still a noob at it hihgest ive ever got is in the top 20 players but i tend to rage quite after having my fleets destroyed for the x amout off times
  • thanos999thanos999 Posts: 3Member
    hi adrestia are you still in dsa in uni 3?
  • thanos999thanos999 Posts: 3Member
    hi also to brakeman and anybody eles from uni 3 that ive come across recently
  • ZdenekZdenek Posts: 1Member
    Zdeněk - my name in all Uni, which I've already left. Now continue to play:
    UNI 3, Hireg Guns and Conquest
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