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  • MoheeganMoheegan Posts: 15Member
    Rád tě vidím,Z!
  • NULNUL Posts: 23Member
    edited June 2014
    Hi, I'm Nul...I've played Uni 2, SFC Nova, SDE, SDE Nova, Conquest, Hire Guns, Uni 3 & here. I'm a graphics/animation nut, I freelance...anything 2D to 3D. I can do anything with 2D graphics, but my passion is 3D...I can do every aspect of 3D: modeling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging, animation, scripting/plug-in, lighting & rendering. I also have made IOS apps & have a laundry list of code languages I know
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  • MolesMoles Posts: 17Member
    Started in Uni1 seven or eight years ago as Mole Man. I played with several alliances including OBK and Bat'leth. Quit Uni1 about three years ago and currently play in SDE, Mole Man and I fly the Murder Inc. tag.

    RL: I am a PhD teaching high school chemistry in a large suburban district in Missouri.
  • BilldoorBilldoor Posts: 45Member
    Hey everyone , i play SFCO, Uni2 , Nova, X2 , Uni3. All with the same name i have here, and im from the UK.
  • the_bunnythe_bunny Posts: 1Member
    Here we go again. I'm an old SFC addict
    Played All unis but no x. I work a lot so may not spend much time. But first BF needs to make compatible with Android kit kat. (Thump!)
  • Red_BaronRed_Baron Posts: 23Member
    Hi, Red Baron here, I go by Baron Von Richthofen in Nova. I've played SFCO, Uni 2 under a different name, tried hired guns. didn't care for the format. The only other game I play now is Nova. I live in the Southwestern US (AZ), and my play times are unpredictable. I'm on when I'm on. :wink: I play Miniature wargames like Star Trek Attack Wing, Wings of Glory WWI, Axis and Allies War at Sea, Dystopian Wars (Naval and land) among others. So, if you like to play these kinds of games as well and in Southern AZ. buzz me. Oh, and I'm addicted to SFC games.
  • bald_basherbald_basher Posts: 3Member
    I am Bald Basher in

    1) Starfleet Commander origional
    2) Stardrift Empires
    3) Stardrift Empires Nova
    4) Starfleet Comamnder Universe 3
    5) Starfleet Commander Hired Guns
    6) Shadow Rift.

    I see a lot of familiar names here
  • darkorphandarkorphan Posts: 3Member
    Hi I'm Mike I played in SDE and for a little while in Nova. I really don't like to play more than one game at a time.
  • commander_194584commander_194584 Posts: 1Member
    Hello am Demonwolfe i am a cross country Trucker in USA and Canada have several games and am enjoying this game so far, but work comes first lol
  • BitchPuddingBitchPudding Posts: 13Member
    Hello everyone, new to this franchise but I've played several others so I have several call names Bunny Stu, Bizzaro, and LIL BLUE IMP, I'm all about having fun and helping others out.
  • EndersshadowEndersshadow Posts: 19Member
    it is I endersshadow. I have been around in SDE and briefly in SDE nova. I like to stay away from drama but won't let myself be put down either. single father of a teen daughter so for one week of the month I live by being paranoid. I always put my friends and members before my own acct. well i'll see you in game.
  • RatpickRatpick Posts: 1Member
    Hi all. Ratpick here. Currently playing SDE, & SDE Nova under the same handle.
  • DraqueDraque Posts: 1Member
    I'm John, I play Draque in uni 1 here and in SE Nova Vega. I'm a retiring tile contractor, still working a few days a week, but also playing games every day. This looks like a good one.
  • HeruRaHaHeruRaHa Posts: 2Member
    Hello all. Dan here I play SFCO, NOVA and this uni all under same player name.
    The reason I like this version is I like to see pics of my buildings and ships as they go up.

    Dan out
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