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Problems logging in

BogrollBogroll Posts: 57Member
Usually I rock up to the website, hit "Play now", have my data saved, select and hit login...

Now that takes me to a white screen with the words "Sorry but something unexpected happened" very intuitive i know!

so i have to go back and click login in in the top right, log in, then click play now. no idea why or how to avoid it...?


  • MattHMattH Posts: 310Blue Frog Gaming
    Have you cleared your browser cache?
  • BogrollBogroll Posts: 57Member
    MattH wrote: »
    Have you cleared your browser cache?

    I have now and still have the same problem unfortunately.
  • BogrollBogroll Posts: 57Member
    Thought youd appreciate knowing the problems resolved itself
  • ErcfiaErcfia Posts: 1Member
    I cannot get into the game. It says Error "show stack trace" then Please reload game to begin playing. I have tried and it does not resolve.
  • This is happening to everyone I talk to we are getting a stack error. I submitted a ticket with the error in it. The game is down....
  • Wish they would reply that they know there is an Issue and are working on it
  • Matt - do we have an ETA on when the server will be available to play again?
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