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All items to be used when obtained now, whose bright idea was this?

Sorry BFG but that rule is the most craziest i have heard from you, and to think i was defending this game yesterday. Guess the joke is on me huh?


  • TwistedTiaraTwistedTiara Posts: 164Member
    agreed.. not a way to keep players.
  • TimeLordTimeLord Posts: 20Member
    forced p-mode is not my idea of a good thing. I am sure a pile of people are going to be upset about that.
  • BilldoorBilldoor Posts: 45Member
    There is already a pile of upset people in the game, i seriously think you need to rethink this or you will lose players.
  • KrugerandKrugerand Posts: 127Member
    out of interest .... what happens if you do the lottery mid attack and win a p marker?
  • WEG3WEG3 Posts: 25Member
    Where's my free name change gone ?????
    and nope, i haven't used it... (not that i wanted to anyways.. was just wondering, is all lol))
  • epimedesepimedes Posts: 12Member
    It's a bad idea, pure and simple. BFG you need to listen to your players and scrap this new rule.
  • BilldoorBilldoor Posts: 45Member
    @WEG3, BFG took/used all items we had and now all items you get in future will be used straight away.
  • Sam_CarterSam_Carter Posts: 7Member
    also would not want to waste a scientist, during a really long build, or a amp, if you are in P, or to busy to play that day

    and if its something you would like on a specific planet, then you could be on the wrong planet when you win it

  • Tacit_RainbowTacit_Rainbow Posts: 15Member
    This seems like a decision based on madness. A lot of people are upset - there's no explanation why or how it will effect other mechanics in the game, just an arbitrary ruling.

    BFG has been super-cool I think fixing bugs quickly and dealing with issues as they crop up, and in my eyes earned a lot of kudos but this single thing has wiped out the kudos and they're now in negative kudos-equity :(
  • NULNUL Posts: 23Member
    This is no way for a business to act, this is much less than professional behavior. To just bully your player base, is just wrong anyway you look @ it. There are so many cons to this, which I'm sure you're well aware of & I don't have to's mind blowing that you've even implemented this new rule.
  • WEG3WEG3 Posts: 25Member

    Just seen this...... 1st paragraph... not good... :'(
    WHY ??? have you implemented this particular ruling ? Please can you, BFG or MattH, clarify this and the thought processes that went into making this daft decision.
  • greendragongreendragon Posts: 8Member
    dumbest idea that come along in a long time
  • Admiral_SmileyAdmiral_Smiley Posts: 21Member
    In there 2nd paragraph it is implied this needed to be done to fix the bug.

    Maybe this is temporary and the delayed response is in relation to first finding out what the options/timeframes going forward are to report to the players.
  • AnguishAnguish Posts: 2Member
    Ridiculous, there is no valid reason for this to become a part of the game.
    It is my personal opinion that this game was released before it should have been. There are too many bugs and now this ridiculous ruling has turned not only myself but I am sure others from investing any more time playing here. For those that remain good luck to you!
  • KrugerandKrugerand Posts: 127Member
    In my opinion there is nothing wrong with taking the items store out of the game .... but all purchasable items then have to be taken out of the lottery
  • Sgt_PatriotSgt_Patriot Posts: 19Member
    BAD Idea BFG If I win amps for Armor, Weapons etc your going to force them to be used on your terms, I don't think this is acceptable. We the players need to be able to pick and choose when we want them used not BFG. This screw you and use them now attitude you are displaying needs to be replaced ASAP rather then LATER.
  • DeAnimaDeAnima Posts: 3Member
    Great idea for keeping a clean storage tank, forcing items to be used and re-bought, having active strings run through, not having to worry about stored items 'disappearing', and otherwise lining the BFG wallets. Bad idea for repeat purchases, customer retention, and empire expansion, but then again this is a 'new' Flash game written...
  • AlldowAlldow Posts: 6Member
    well I logon only find the uint stnetgist I had won as been running about now for about 3 hr I was saving it for when I had the res to build ships 3 hr wasted and really no res to build ships this is mess up a I am sure I not the only one that a little(mad) piss off
  • OverOver Posts: 11Member
    There is no strategy to using items when you win them. Being able to store defenses and commanders to use when you feel you can best use them is the way to go. I would like to see the items folder put to use, not deleted!
  • TwistedTiaraTwistedTiara Posts: 164Member
    It makes a difference to me will need to think about staying in this game.. shame they think it's a good idea..
  • GeminiGemini Posts: 19Member
    Can someone link this rule? I didn't know it was documented. There are too many conversations to find everything.
  • TwistedTiaraTwistedTiara Posts: 164Member
    well I won a 24 hr neutrality marker in the Fortuna draw.. it went into effect INSTANTLY, wanted or not.. that is pure crap.
  • Optimal_Primate3Optimal_Primate3 Posts: 2Member
    Things that aren't working right, how about the entire game is not working right. This has been a bad experience for me. I think I will leave this uni to you guys.............. Have fun.
  • DobraineDobraine Posts: 2Member
    does suck that I get unit synergist but can ONLY build a single ship with it. working all day tomorrow, so cant even use resources I get overnite to build a few extra ships. stupid thing is I was on long enough for that single ship to build NORMALLY. Would rather have the option to save something like that for a later date. wondering if the fortuna coins can be allowed to build up? if so, guess I am going to start saving them for when I can actually play for more than an hour or 2.
  • BilldoorBilldoor Posts: 45Member
    Matt, please don't ignore this thread. You guys were doing really well at listening to our concerns please continue that trend.
  • MattHMattH Posts: 310Blue Frog Gaming
    I read every thread posted on the forum, but I only work between 10AM and 6PM Eastern Time. We'll talk about this in the office this morning and have a response later today.
  • Sgt_PatriotSgt_Patriot Posts: 19Member
    edited June 2014
    DeAnima wrote: »
    Great idea for keeping a clean storage tank, forcing items to be used and re-bought, having active strings run through, not having to worry about stored items 'disappearing', and otherwise lining the BFG wallets. Bad idea for repeat purchases, customer retention, and empire expansion, but then again this is a 'new' Flash game written...

    As I'm not in the habit of buying my way to the top of the games I have to agree with you DeAnima. Players need to be able to use Fortuna items when and where they choose not have the BFG gods dictate the use of those items.
  • BilldoorBilldoor Posts: 45Member
    Sorry Matt, i forget about the time difference, i appreciate you guys are going to discuss it.
  • TwistedTiaraTwistedTiara Posts: 164Member
    Matt, please also talk about not removing the resource dens ! thank you.
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